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Monday, December 07, 2009

Too busy to blog?



This weekend turned into a doozy of fun-filled activity, if you like shopping at Toys R Us, working on automobiles and setting up outdoor Christmas decorations in freezing temperatures. At least that is how my weekend filled up. I actually started on Friday with a Dr.’s office visit for a physical exam. The doc pronounced me healthy, or at least breathing normally for my age and decrepitude. I filled up the afternoon with errands, (oh, for my family- I found the missing pocketknife, which I will now save for youngest brother’s 50th b-day). It was either Thursday evening or Friday when the BSU and I ventured into the big box toy store after spending a hundred bucks at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in the same shopping center. We spent more in the toy store than the book store so we went home with my wallet feeling mighty flat.


Saturday I ventured into the base Auto Hobby Shop with my buddy Loc to change the rear air springs on the Lincoln. The car has been sitting down on its bumpstops every time I shut it off lately and new air springs seemed to be the recommended fix. Let me tell you, changing air bags is much easier than replacing coil springs and we had the job accomplished in just a few minutes more than 2 hours. Afterwards we spent a greater amount of time replacing the brake shoes on the back of Loc’s truck before grabbing lunch and heading home about 1:30.


The BSU has fallen victim to a chest cold and was staying in bed so I spent part of the rest of the day tending to her needs.


Sunday I went off to church by myself and in the afternoon dragged the nativity scene characters and stable components out into the front yard and put it all together. The star up on the roof isn’t lighting correctly so last night I found a replacement at Bronners and ordered it for delivery this week. I also ordered the first new part for the neighbor’s snowblower that I tried to use Saturday afternoon to clear the snow out of the drive only to have the auger drive cable separate into 2 pieces. I also discovered the entire snowblower was trying to separate into 2 pieces as one portion of the angle iron that is supposed to be welded onto the auger section had broken off letting it dangle at scary angles. The machine is now in my workshop with parts on order and welding work to accomplish which I might even try by myself.


Did I mention it is supposed to snow every day this week? Damm snowblower!


Anyway, we did not buy groceries that we need and I did not get the haircut that I need because we didn’t go to the giant box store where she can shop and I can get my locks trimmed at the same time. So both of those essential tasks need completed this week. There’s a bundle of Christmas and birthday presents piled up awaiting a wrapping session and then I’ll have to make a stop at the UPS store to get them delivered. I did do some of my holiday shopping online last night before bedtime, further occupying my blogging time. I’m not done and there’s no tree yet but we should get that circumstance remedied this week if the spouse heals up. We haven’t figured out how to keep the kitten out of the tree and away from the ornaments but I guess we will cross that bridge later in the week.


Little Bit the kitten, who will turn into Little Bit the cat before he outgrows his moniker, is fitting in pretty well at WEWHQ. He even lets himself into his kennel when he wants a nap if we leave the door unlatched. He’s great fun and never seems to move except at a gallop and the other 2 pets are grudgingly accepting his antics. He’s a good snuggler when he isn’t playing or racing about so we all are getting along great.


Now there’s things to do while I redistribute your tax dollars.

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